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1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine About TAWuhan TA Laser Machinery Co., Ltd  is an integration of a laser cutting machine manufacturer and industrial machinery trading company based in south central China, Wuhan city.Wuhan TA is dedicated and committed to represent the highest quality in equipment and customer service.

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1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

About TA
Wuhan TA Laser Machinery Co., Ltd  is an integration of a laser cutting machine manufacturer and industrial machinery trading company based in south central China, Wuhan city.
Wuhan TA is dedicated and committed to represent the highest quality in equipment and customer service.
Who we are

  1. An ambitious laser cutting machine manufacturer that enjoys a leaping growth over the past 6 continuous years;
  2. Laser cutting machine and parts exporter in China
  3. Metal sheet and pipe processing machinery & parts international trading and exporting
  4. Tech service provider, including machine installation, debugging, upgrading, maintenance, trouble-shooting.
  5. Purchasing service provider, we help purchase all the industrial machinery and parts for clients.

Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter
1.Standard Configurations of TA-FLSE3015-1000W
Major ConfigurationsContentBrand
Laser GeneratorRaycusRaycus 1000W
Laser Cutting HeadManual FocusRaytools, BT240
Height ControllerCapacitive transducerBOCHU, China
CNC ControllerTubePro
Professional Laser Cutting SoftwareTubePro
Speed ReducerBonmetBonmet, Germany
Rack and PinionYYCYYC, Taiwan
Linear GuideHIWINHIWIN, Taiwan
Proportional ValveSMCSMC,Japan
X/Y Drag ChainDomesticCangzhou, China
Shield CoverDomesticCangzhou, China
Industrial Water ChillerDomesticHanLi, China
Industrial PC and LCD ScreenDomesticDell,USA
Voltage StabilizerDomesticXiShun,China
Double Servo driver systemYaskawaYaskawa, Japan

2.Technical Data

Technical specStandard Data
Total weight3.5-4T
Total Power16KW
Laser TypeFiber laser
Maximum Cutting Thickness
12MM Carbon steel, 6MM Stainless steel,3MM Aluminum,3MM Brass2MM
Effective Cutting size1550MMx3080MM
X.Y Axis Drive system Rack and Pinion mode, Japan Yaskawa Servo system
X 1.3KW   Y1 Y2 1.8KW
Laser cutting head Drive SystemBall screw mode, Japan Yaskawa servo system 400W
Laser cutting head lifting distance130MM

3.Technical Accuracy
Maximum rapid X,Y Axis Speed80m/min
Maximum Acceleration X,Y Axis Speed1.0G
Position Accuracy0.02mm/M
Repeat Accuracy 0.03mm/M
Cooling StyleRecycling water
Max loading weight of cutting table1000KG
Assistant GasOxygen/Nitrogen/Compressor Air
Continuous Working Time24 Hrs

4. Equipment Working Condition
Sub itemItemRequirementsNotes 

Laser Source4KWThe total installed capacity is not less than 16KW,And this machine need very good ground line.
Machine Servo System5.3KW 
Dust blower Motor3.8KW 
Other accessories1KW 
Stability of 3-phase power380V±5% 
Instability of 3-phase power<2.5% 
WaterWater for ChillerDistilled water without mineralsChange every month 


Cutting Gas
N2>99.5%The processing parameters 
Air pressure should not less than 1MPA 


Temperature requirements

5-40 Degree
Humidity requirementsLess than 70%  

Foundation requirement

There should be no vibration source nearby
If there is a vibration source
on site or nearby, the user is
required to dig an anti-vibration trench around the foundation
Work pieceFor CS and SS: quality surface and no rust  

5.Fiber laser System
5.1.1 Fiber Laser Generator
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

Raycus 1000W
No lens built inside laser generator to avoid maintenance
Beam delivery system consists of fibers
Compact-design, easy for integration
Start-up time not needed
Excellent cutting capability
Good beam quality and high power density

Fiber Laser Conversation Efficiency is more than 30%, compared with YAG or CO2 machine, it significantly saves power consumption when working ,saving running costs and to achieve the highest production efficiency.

Fiber laser adopting Semiconductor Modular and Redundancy Design ,there is no optical lens in resonant cavity like YAG, it doesn't need any start time, featuring free adjustment, free maintenance, high stability, reducing parts cost and maintenance time, which is incomparable by other traditional cutting machinery.

  Operating ModelCWCW
  Wave Lengthnm1070-1080
  Standard output powerw1000
  Laser Beam Qualitymm*mrad4
  Adjustable FrequencyHz5000
  Transmission Fiber Diameterum50/100
  Stability of Output Power ±2
  power SupplyVAC220V
  Power ConsumptionKW5
  Working TemperatureºC5~35

The machine Optical is Fiber Transmission ,it doesn't need complex reflect lens and other light system ,the optical path is simple and stable structure, has free maintenance

Laser coupled with optical gate can be a plurality of machine , through the fiber light divided into multiple units at the same time ,it's easy to expand function and upgrade.

5.1.2 Fiber Laser Generator Cabinet temperature Monitor System
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

We set the Upper-limit alarm temperature is 35ºC, So if the laser generator case temperature is pass 35ºC the machine will stop and the software will show alarm.

We set the Lower-limit alarm temperature is 5ºC, So if the laser generator case temperature is lower than 5ºC the machine will stop and the software will give alarm.

According to the official statistics, every summer season there will be some generators exist matters of dew formation problem. Because the air condition damaged but the customer didn't find, the low temperature inside laser generator(cooling water inside),High temperature outside the case(Air condition damaged), So the laser generator will exist dew formation and damaged. So this generator case cover temperature monitor system is very useful.

5.2 Laser cutting Head
  • Switzerland imported laser cutting head Raytool BT240(manual)
  • Manual /automatically Focus function
  • Anti-collision function with non-contact Capacitance sensor
  • Breakpoints Cutting
Quick and Conve

Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

The laser cutting head is equipped with Non-Contact Capacitive Sensor, reflection device and collision protection function, the machine will automatically stop cutting and flexibly diverges and reset when accident occurs,

More over, it is able to resume the breakpoints cutting, the cutting head and focus lens can withstand the pressure of 3MPa gas

Quick and Convenient Parts Changing: The laser head belongs to module design product, it is easy to install and dissemble, if you need to change lens or any part, it is very convenient to operate.

5.3 Laser Cooling System
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

1.The laser resonator, laser cutting head and other key components all get sufficient cooling to ensure machine's smooth and safety running.
2.Adopt dual temperature control , which is precise, stable and reliable, able to set and maintain constant temperature
3.The chillers have comprehensive protection functions of over-temperature, phase-loss,over-pressure,water-shortage, low-voltage, overload and so on. Since all the key-components and parts are imported, the chiller has the advantages of high stability, easy-maintenance and being
in line with the cooling indicator requirement of the laser source and optical path.

5.4 Laser Voltage Stabilizer (optional ,It is costs 1500USD)

6.The Machine Body
6.1 Stubborn Main Frame
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

7. Motion System
Rack and pinion

Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

7.2.Liner Guide

Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter
8. Cypcut CNC System
8.1 About Cypcut

Cypcut CNC system is made by Bochu company, which located in Shanghai, China, it is the most popular laser control and hardware manufacturing company in China, you can view it website by the link:
8.2 Features About Cypcut                                                                                                                   
8.2.1.Intuitive Interface, Perfect Match With AutoCAD Software.
Cypcut software also has simple drawing tools, which could draw simple graphics processing, also could output DXF format graphics file.
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

8.2.2. Flying Cutting
Decrease the non-cutting distance from the lower to the extreme, cutting small circle small square more smoother and more faster.

8.2.3 Real-time Power Adjustment
Cutting power adjusted in real time according to the actual design and speed make the corners, sharp corners, holes and other fine pattern cutting much more better.

8.2.4 Cutting Parameters Material Library
Providing a laser cutting parameters stored material library that can be called directly, make your operation more simple and convenient.

8.2.5 PLC Programming Process
Opening PLC programming process make the operation more humane, dynamic design and processing freedom when cutting allow your process design more flexible and convenient.
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

8.2.6 Online Trouble Shooting Recording
Cypcut software contains an feedback information receiving function, it could real-time monitoring servo system,cutting head,laser generator and other components, make online diagnosis possible, save much more time.

8.2.7 Operational Status Recording
Real-time recording process information, fast simulation calculate the total length and the required processing time of design, easy to calculate the total fees.

8.2.8 Automatic Boundary Function
With BCS100 discrete capacitors height controller automatically find the edges of sheet.
8.2.9 Nesting

Cypcut contains nesting function, joint nesting and cutting in one program.

Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter


Laser Power1000W1500W
Laser SourceZKZM/Raycus
Work Table3000mm*1500mm(different size is ok )
Optional Table3000mm*1300mm
X axis stoke1500mm
Y axis stroke3000mm
Z axis stroke120mm
Cutting ThicknessCS<=10mm;
Repeat Positioning Precision+0.05mm
Rated Power12KW15KW

10 cutting Speed:
1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 
MaterialThickness(mm)Cutting Speed(mm/s)Gas
Carbon Steel1300Oxygen
Stainless Steel1330Nitrogen

1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 
MaterialThickness(mm)Cutting Speed(mm/s)Gas
Carbon Steel1420Oxygen
Stainless Steel1650Nitrogen

11. Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:
(1)Adopted to import fiber laser generator, with long using life up to 100000 hours and high cutting speed up to 80m/min;
(2)Japan YASKAWA Servo motor with double ball screw driving system, can make sure the cutting high precision especially comparing with the single driver system.
(3)Swiss raytools laser head with auto focusing height follower, which can ensure the constant same
 distance between the head and cutting material
(4)Cypcut cnc cutting System, which has the special funnel design to make collecting more easy.

12. Package and Delivery:
(1)We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adopt wood craft case. In the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by thickness plastic bag for waterproof.

(2)Our package is considerate all the damage factors and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full experienced in safe transportation. We have exported to all of the world. So please don't worry, you will receive the machine in good condition. 

(3)Our technician have installed the machine before shipping. For some small parts installation, we will send detail training video, user's manual along with the machine. Any problem,you can ask, we will response within 24 hours for you.

13. Guarantee and Service:


1. All of our machine will be full-checked by our quality control department before the shipment. We make sure that customers will be get good products from us, and all of our machine with two years quality guarantee period.
2. Our engineer will make a door-to-door instruction training service.
Ps:Our technician can go to client's country offer training according to client's demand and schedule(client is supposed to afford to the tickets and visa fee ,accommodation and food)
3. 24 hours online support ,Service response time: within 2 hours .We will offer plenty of online supports, by email, telephone, skype, whatsapp, wechat and so on.

Quality control
1.Skilled and strict Quality inspection Team is available during the material purchasing
and production procedure.Here is some of our partner

2.All finished machine we delivery are 100%strictly tested by our QC department and
engineering department.

OEM Service
1.Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our aboundant experiences.
All the OEM service are free,customer only need to provide us with your logo
drawing,function requirements,colors etc.

2. No MOQ required

None of your personally identifiable information will be disclosed or shared 
with any third parties.

1.30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipment
2.Irrevocable L/C at sight

14. Installation and feedback :
Fiber Laser Cutter - Metal Fiber Laser Cutter



Why TA LASER can be your partner ?

1. TA laser located in Wuhan, China, where is famous for laser industry. Most laser companies are here in Wuhan Optical Valley, so we have superior geography position. And we have already established long term cooperation with stable clients and suppliers after working in laser industry wholeheartedly in those years.

2. Team Work: The TA members come together not only because of the common interest but for the common dream. We love our job and try to get recognized from it, so all of our staffs working with passion. And we are not only colleagues but also family. TA laser want to build a long relationship with our customer not just one-time transaction. We all enjoy the process to solve the problems which our customers faced. Because we know this is the best way to eliminate barriers and improve customer satisfaction. We believed that once we do our job wholeheartedly, the customers will see it and glad to work with us. 

3. Our Sales-Network:
TA laser are dedicated to bringing best laser products to the world-wide customers. We are establishing our sales and distributors network all over the world. Now we already had close contact with our clients from all the world like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Kuwait, U.S, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.... Welcome to work with TA laser!


Q1: I knew nothing about this machine, what kind of machine i should choose?

Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do by using machine, then let's give you perfect solutions and suggestions.
1)Your materials.
2)The size of material: ___mm*___mm
3)You want to engrave or cut? If cut, what's the cutting thickness?

Q2: How long is the delivery time?
For standard machines, it would be 15-25 workdays; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to client's specific requirements, it would be 25 to 40 workdays.  

Q3: Are you a Factory or Trading company?
We're a professional manufacturer with export license.

Warmly welcome at any time to visit! 

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