Autofocus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)

           Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting equipment (FLS3015-1500W) Application:Widely used in electrical equipment, kitchen, elevator, advertising signs, autodecoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, metal products and other industrie

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           Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting equipment (FLS3015-1500W)
Widely used in electrical equipment, kitchen, elevator, advertising signs, autodecoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, metal products and other industries;

Processing Materials:
Able to cut a variety of sheet metals,  stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass plate, aluminum, manganese steel, various alloy plates, rare Metal and other materials, 

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Principle:
It funtions by working highly focused energy and density spot of laser onto metal work pieces, causing the thermal zone melt and vaporized. Under mechanical motion control, automatic laser cutting is realzied. It is currently one of most advanced  processing technologies which involves Fiber Optics, CNC Control and Precision Mechanics

Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)


CUTTING AREA (L*W)3000*1500mmDRIVEN MODEServo control
MAX CUTTING SPEED50m/min                       (1mm thickness)Y AXIS STROKE1520mm

 Product Features:
1. Rigid machine body obtained through standard annealing process in high - temperature electric furnace, ensuring precision in the long term
2. Imported original fiber laser generator with super beam quality and stable performances, laser passes through fiber without reflectors, free of light path adjustment, maintenance free, service life up to 100,000 hours
3. Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency (PCE) by 30%, far more higher than CO2 laser or YAG, which saves much of energy cost.
4. Imported precision motion parts and servo motors, which support high-speed running
5. Capable of cutting various graphics and words, which makes work simple , flexible, and convenient.
6. Smooth cut without deformation.
7. Extremely low energy cost, which accounts only 1/3-1/5 of YAG machine if output powers were the same, environment-friendly.
8. Solid-state laser type, which supports multimode integration with multimode power outputs, able to cut a variety of sheets with fair speed. In addtion, it supports air cutting thin sheets, greatly shortening period of ROI (return of investment)

Standard Configurations
For our EETO, we adhere to adopting the best configurations and State-of-the-art technology, and bring our customers with reliable and excellent  quality products, meeting various processing requirements, at the same time, we also provide tailored solution for customers in specific field, now you can see our configurations below.
Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)
Standard Package
Package and Delivery are of great important part in aftersales service,  we provide all-round and complete services to customer to make sure your products arrive safely without damages. For packaging.
1. We use wooden cases that meet international export standard
2. All the motion parts are lubricated  and covered with firm to avoide direct air contact and thus prevent getting rust.
3. The whole machine and parts are well packed and  fixed inside of the wooden case without moving or sliding inside.

4. The inner space of the wooden case will be made into vaccum to keep dry and the plywood case will be covered with waterproof cloth to stop rain drops or sea water from entering the wooden case

Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)

After-sales Service

1. Based on Service-oriented conception, complete pre-sales and after-sales services for customers will be provided like installation, testing, training and maintenance.
2. Before signing a contract, parameters and processing technics will be explained and given to customers to make product fully comprehended.
3. After signing a contract, transport vehicle or ship will be arranged to carry goods to the appointed location within delivery period, and engineers will be sent on site later for installation, lasting 1-2 days.
4. Training period takes about 3-4 days till all the operations are perfectly performed under regulations.

5. We promise to visit our customers once a year ,during the visit, we will help them with machine maintenance, operation, and enhance their knowledge and operation skills.

Power-on/off procedures
Operations of control panel ;
Parameter setup
Operations of software; Clean and maintenance
Common hardware troubleshooting; Warnings during operation.

Extra Tech Support

Two-year warranty guaranteed from EX-factory, meanwhile, lifelong maintenance succeeds after warranty. Any malfunction or damage occurs during warranty ( man-made causes and force majeure exclusively), please email or call us immediately, professional engineers will be arranged on the resolution, all the charges are free including cost of changing new parts (consumable parts excluded).

 Our promises: 24 hours on-line service and response time less than 2 hours

15 days after signing a contract, a layout drawing will be sent to user( including preparations on foundation, water, electricity, gas, air/water pipe, interface, etc). Preparatory works and space spared for machine installation are required on user side . Professional engineers then will be dispatched after all these preparations are finished, In order to run everything smoothly, on-site assistance from user side will be quite necessary.

Our Sales-Network:
EETO are delicated to bringing best laser products to the world-wide customers, we are establishing up our sales network and network of distributors, now we have close contact with many clients from a great many countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, Macedonia, Canada, U.S.  Mexico, , Brazil, Argentina.... welcome to work with EETO, and WELCOME TO JOIN US!

Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)

Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)


Q: What's working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Our standard size: 3000*1500mm,  also there are  4000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, and 6000*2000mm for option.

Q: What's the laser power of your fiber laser cutting machine?
A:  We have laser power from 300-4000w, able to different metals with varied thickness
1. Low power 300W, 500W, 700W, 750W, 1000W, which cut metals lower than 10mm
2. Medium power 1500W, 2000W, able to cut steels up to 16mm
3. High power 3000W and 4000W, extending cutting capability to 25mm

Q: What materials can we cut? What's cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials, including carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/galvanized sheet, but high reflective materials are restricted to be cut with fiber fiber, like brass/silver/bronze, if you have such material to cut, please connect us for professional advice
B: Cutting thickness from 0.5mm to 25mm according to different laser power.

Q: How to install the fiber laser cutting machine?
A: 15 days after signing a contract, a layout drawing of installation will be sent to user( including preparations on foundation, water, electricity, gas, air/water pipe, interface, etc). Preparatory works and space spared for machine installation are responsible on user side
B.  Professional engineers will be dispatched when machine arrives at your factory, their job include machine installation, commissioning and training,the total period lasts 3-5 day

Q: In case that machine has problem when customer use it, how to do after-sales service?
A: Two years warranty are guaranteed(Consumables are excluded) . Any problem occurs during warranty, you can connect us ASAP, we provide 24 hour on-line service, professional engineers are available at your service, if parts are needed for replacement, they will be sent out free-of-charge by express to ensure highest efficiency

Q: What are consumables of fiber laser cutting machine?
A: 1. Protection lens  2. cutting nozzle  inexpensive and just a few parts, which makes maintenance very simple(nearly zero maintenance) with extremely low maintenance cost.

Q: If we need to cut work-piece with different height, is it available?
A: Yes, it is a simple job for us, for each of our machine, a height controller is configured on laser head, which is able to detecting height of processing materials automatically, thus able to cut a number of materials with varied thickness without collision or damages.

Q: Can we cut both sheet plate and pipe with one machine?
A: Yes, we have a classic machine which is able to cut metal sheet and tube, which we call 'hybrid machine' , it does not only process 3000x1500mm metal sheets like normal sheet cutting machine, also it is able to cut Round/Square/Rectangle tubes with max diameter or diagonal by 200mm, for bigger tube, please connect us immediately, professional advice will be given.

Q: What's the delivery time?
A: It depends, for an single-table machine,it is 20 working days after receive the deposit.
B. For an enclosed-type with exchange table, 40 work days are necessary upon receipt of deposit.
C. For tailored machine or special-type model, it is left for future discussion and confirmation.


For better choosing a suitable product, please let us know the following information:                      
Auto-Focus 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment (FLS3015-1500W)




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