1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Product parametersModel3015/ 4020/6020/6015/2513Working area3000*1500mmMiximum length of pipe(Options)3000mm(or)6000mmLimits of pipe(Customized)Round tube:Φ20mm~Φ120mm;Square tube :Φ20mm~80mm;Circular tube: Φ20mm~Φ120mm;Square tube: Φ20mm~80mmLaser typeFiber laser generatorLaser power(optional)5

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1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Product parameters

Model3015/ 4020/6020/6015/2513
Working area3000*1500mm
Miximum length of pipe(Options)3000mm(or)6000mm

Limits of pipe(Customized)
Round tube:Φ20mm~Φ120mm;
Square tube :Φ20mm~80mm;
Circular tube: Φ20mm~Φ120mm;Square tube: Φ20mm~80mm
Laser typeFiber laser generator
Laser power(optional)500~2000W
Transmission systemDouble serve motor &gantry&rack&pinion
Maximum speed±0.03mm/1000mm
Pipe cutting system(optional)yes
Maximum speed60m/min
Maximum accelerated speed0.6G
Position accuracy±0.15mm/1000mm
Reposition accuracy±0.02mm/1000mm
Graphic format supportedCAD,DXF(etc)
Total power10KW
Power supply380V/50Hz/60Hz
Overall dimension(include cutting machine in 3 meters long)4350mm×3200mm×1740mm
Overall dimension(include cutting machine in 6 meters long)7650mm×3200mm×1740mm
Gross weight6000kg

This model integrates square tube, circular tube, oblate tube, and plane cutting in one, with multifunction and high practicality.

Gantry structure and dual drive, Germany imported rack & pinion drive system. Excellint cutting performance and stability.

Selt-centering jig system ensures stable process of conveying pipes, so that it can ensure high accuracy and high quality of products.

The machine, with high accuracy of machining dimension, can take the place of traditional processing equipment, such as sawing and punching.

Saddle-shaped pipe type support beam is with high precision calibration, no derformation during 6m pipe cutting. 

Product details
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Application and Sample
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Production Process
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter
Product Advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine with square tube, round tube, flat tube and plane cutting, multi-functional, practical

Gantry double drive, imported from Germany, rack and pinion transmission structure, excellent cutting performance and stability

Accurate machining size, can replace many traditional processing equipment such as sawing, punching, etc.

Company Profile
Jinan JamberCut Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., specialized in fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing, is located in Jinan, Quancheng. The company has strong scientific research strength, more than 20 laser technology and technology manufacturing experts, and has established cooperative technical relations with many domestic universities. The company continuously introduces advanced technologies, exerts its own technological advantages, accelerates technological innovation, strengthens independent innovation, promotes industrial upgrading, and enhances comprehensive competitiveness. Many fiber laser cutting machine products have obtained national patents and have self-support import and export rights. The company now has a full range of high-speed fiber laser cutting machines, widely used in: Sheet metal processing, abrasive manufacturing, mechanical cutting, shipbuilding, aerospace, military products, medical machinery, computer chassis, lighting, craft gifts, non-ferrous metal processing And marking and many other fields and industries. Leading Laser has set up a unique service model with the goal of "customizing exclusive product solutions for customers. The company has established a 24-hour customer service line. Regularly understand customer needs and improve products and services after sales. In the market, the company's customers are located in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. The company takes advantage of the platform platform, integrates global market resources, and strives to build a leading brand. The export volume of foreign trade has increased year by year, and the sales share in the domestic market has steadily expanded, forming a comprehensive equipment manufacturer with domestic and foreign trades. Leading Laser adheres to the mission of laser to change the world, to create a first-class Jinan fiber laser cutting machine manufacturing enterprise, to cultivate outstanding tale
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter
Our certificate
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Packaging and Transportation
1530 500W Fiber Laser Type and New 1000W Laser Cutter

Q1 :How about warranty?

A1: 3 years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge(some parts will be maintained) when if any problem during the warranty period.

Q2:2 I don't know which one is suitable for me ?

A2:Please tell me

1). Your materials.

2). Max size of your material.

3). Max cut thickness.

4). Popular cut thickness.

Q3:Payment terms?

A3:  Alibaba trade assurance/TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash and so on.

Q4:Do you have CE document and other documents for customs clearance?

A4: Yes,we have Original. At first we will show you and And after shipment we will give you CE/Packing list/Commercial Invoice/Sales contract for customs clearance.

Q5:I don't know how to use after i receive Or i have problem during use,how to do?

  We have detailed user manual with pictures and CD,you can learn step by step.And our user manual update every month for your easy learning if there is any update on machine.

2).  If have any problem during use,you need our technician to judge The problem elsewhere will be solved by us. We can provide team viewer

/Whatsapp/Email/Phone/Skype with cam till all of your problems finished.We can also provide Door service if you need.

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